Dungeons & Dragons Most Used Spells

There are many powerful spells available in DnD, but Cure Wounds is the most important spell of all. No player character likes to die, and as a healer, you can prevent this by using Cure Wounds whenever your character is injured. This spell works best on powerful fighters, magic users, and healers. Cure Wounds also helps you to survive an attack from a monster.

Magic Missle

The Magic Missle is one of DnDs most common spells. Introduced by Gary Gygax in his Greyhawk supplement, this spell lets you create three glowing darts that deal 1d4 + 1 force damage to a single target 120 feet away. The idea for the spell came from the 1963 movie The Raven, which features a duel between Boris Karloff and Vincent Price. In the end, Vincent Price brushes Karloff aside with a flick of the hand.

The first step in casting a Magic Missile is to identify the target creature. A spellcaster can only target one creature at a time, so they have to determine the type of creature they are aiming for. The target creature must be visible to cast the spell. Whether the target is a human or a beast, the caster must know which part of the creature to attack. Inanimate objects, however, are impossible to target with the spell.

Cure Wounds

One of the most common uses of this spell is to heal your ally. Although it is very effective in restoring health to an ally, it doesn’t scale quickly enough to be effective in mid-level. This means that your character will be less effective in battle, and your opponent can cancel this benefit in a single turn. So, it’s recommended to use it in your mid-level spell slots, rather than relying on it to heal a large group.

This spell is particularly useful at low levels, when a character’s HP total is relatively low. Even a level one character will feel mortal until they’re level three, so using Cure Wounds to heal a level one character can make all the difference in a campaign. It can cure up to 13 HP per cast, and averages around 7 HP per casting, making it a great spell for managing mortal injury for inexperienced adventurers.

Wall of Force

The Wall of Force is a powerful spell that can cut through any area and push creatures to one side. It is not a physical barrier, but pure magical energy focused into a form. A wall of force can be formed by forming a hemispherical dome or a sphere. It is a one-time use spell that can be cast by any character.

It works by increasing the hit points of three creatures within range by 5. This is an excellent low level damage spell, as it can be repeated every turn. It also puts the target at a disadvantage. The spell requires a spell slot of 3rd or higher. You can also use it in combat to help your character deal more damage with fewer spells. Here’s an explanation.

Dimension Door

The Dimension Door spell is a low level teleportation spell. It allows the user to teleport from one location to another and takes 4d6 damage while doing so. It’s not only useful for teleporting from one location to another, but it also allows one additional being to pass through it unharmed. Using this spell, players can teleport anywhere they like, even to the other side of the world.


Enlarge/Reduce is a powerful ability that can either enlarge or shrink a creature. Though the spell does not explicitly state whether it can change the size of a creature, the MM has a table detailing the range of sizes that the two spells can affect. A fifth-level wizard successfully cast Reduce on a troll. As a result, the troll has shrunk to four feet tall and weighs fifty pounds. It also loses its 10-foot reach. In addition, its strength score drops by two points, so he will have to make some adjustments to the natural weapons and AC.

The Enlarge/Reduce spell has two uses: it increases the combat capabilities of a fighter by doubling its size and expanding his profile on the battlefield. The spell also increases the damage a fighter deals, giving the user an advantage on Strength checks. It also gives the user an advantage on Strength saves. The Enlarge/Reduce spell also works on objects, so it is useful for boosting the size of items you carry and wearing.


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