Dungeon & Dragons Barbarian Guide

Dungeon & Dragons Barbarian Guide

Dungeon  Dragons Barbarian

The Barbarian is an excellent class choice in the Dungeon & Dragons game series, and its diverse skills make it a great pick for any party. The most notable features of this class are its four primary skills: Instinctive Pounce, Frenzy, and Brutal Critical. If you’re looking to make the most of your Barbarian, read on to find out how to get the most out of these special attacks.

Brutal Critical

Brutal Critical is a secondary weapon that a Barbarian can use to deal additional damage to an enemy. This feat is designed to give the Barbarian an extra two attacks per round, but it has many drawbacks, and it’s not particularly useful in low-level play. While it’s better than other options for boosting your damage output, it’s still not the best choice.

Brutal Critical in Dungeon – D&D Barbarian can help you do damage to an enemy by dealing 4d12 of damage to a single enemy. This damage boost can be combined with damage from the Orcish Fury spell. At 20th level, the Berserker gets a four-point increase to both Strength and Constitution, bringing their combined maximum to 24. They thrive in the chaos of battle.

Instinctive Pounce

A barbarian’s primary attack is his Instinctive Pounce. Depending on where the Barbarian is positioned, this ability can threaten more enemies at once. However, if the Barbarian is not in a situation where they can use Instinctive Pounce, they may want to invest in the Observant ability to improve their Perception. Feral Instinct can be obtained at 7th level. Using this ability can increase your damage from your polearms and reach weapons.

Another option for this barbarian is Martial Adept (3). This option adds some tactical depth to the Barbarian and increases the amount of damage the spell can deal. Using Constitution instead of Str can be more effective when using Vampiric Bite. Other choices include Medium Armor Master (2) and Fey Ancestry. Medium Armor Master can be an option as well, but this option may not be the best choice for every Barbarian.


If you are in the middle of a campaign, you should consider giving your Barbarian the Frenzy talent. This skill allows your character to do extra damage, as if they were in a rage. While Frenzy can make you exhausted and kill you, it does make you more dangerous than ever. This trait has many advantages, including an increased attack speed, improved defense, and a higher critical hit chance.

A character in a frenzy cannot use Charisma-based skills or the Concentration skill. They cannot cast spells, use potions, or activate magic items while in a rage. They can still use any feats and special abilities that inspire frenzy, though. The effects of Frenzy on other characters are less clear. They can also use a Berserker’s ability to get an extra attack when attacking a single foe.

Reckless Attack

If you’re playing a Barbarian in Dungeon & Dragons, you’ve probably heard about Reckless Attack. This ability grants the player an advantage on melee weapon attack rolls. It’s a handy option if you need a second chance to land a melee attack. However, the use of Reckless Attack does have some drawbacks. It can cause your Barbarian to become vulnerable, as enemies gain an advantage.

The name “Reckless Attack” is similar to “Rage,” “melee,” and even “grab.” However, the terms “rage” and’reckless attack’ can sometimes be confusing for new players. Players usually describe their attack in very basic terms – “slashing”, “hitting,” and “damaging” – and often fail to explain why they don’t work the way they should.

Unarmored Defense

Unarmored Defense for Dungeon and Dragons is a good ability to have in your character, but it won’t help you much unless you have a high enough Constitution to match the half plate armor. Fortunately, the barbarian can get half plate armor when he reaches level eight, but to achieve this feat he will need a +7 Dexterity and Constitution modifier. Magic armor also requires a +7 Dexterity and Constitution modifier.

The best way to increase your AC for your Barbarian is to buy the Periapt of Wound Closure and the Stone of Good Luck. These two items are great for your Barbarian, as they provide double the efficiency of your hit dice. While they aren’t great for stealth, they can help you get away with a little bit of stealth. If you’re worried about your AC, you can also equip a Ring of Protection.