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dnd 5e news

If you are looking for the latest news regarding D&D 5e, then you have come to the right place. We have the latest updates, news, and information on new adventures and pre-made campaigns. These are the newest additions to the world of D&D, and they are all available to purchase today.

Streaming of Dungeons & Dragons

Streaming Dungeons & Dragons 5e can be a fun way to experience the game with friends. It’s also a great way to introduce new players to the game. While there are some popular live D&D streams, there are also more unusual choices to choose from.

If you’re looking for a good game to stream, look to the official Dungeons & Dragons Twitch channel. The channel is home to a few of the best D&D streams online. For example, the Nights of Evening Star stream is an actual play stream that features a group of gamers streaming from their homes.

Another great option is the Maze Arcana. This live D&D channel has an album of all of the episodes. In addition, it offers a unique world with a very interesting overlay.

One of the most popular D&D streams is the High Rollers campaign. The show is based on eastern mythology and features sunken ancient cities and floating islands. At the time of writing, the stream has a ten year run.

Another cool new D&D stream is Shikar. The storyline is about three handsome men adventuring through a fantasy world. Unlike other campaigns, this one has a goth baby angel in the mix.

For the more technical set, there are several software packages to choose from. XSplit Broadcaster is a good choice for customization and overlays. You can also use OBS for recording and streaming.

Finally, the real prize is friends made along the way. Some of the best D&D streams feature a mixture of new players and veterans alike. Creating a cohesive layout can be tricky when you’re playing in a video chat environment. However, there are plenty of map tools to choose from.

One D&D

One D&D is the codename for the next edition of Dungeons & Dragons. It will feature a number of new core books, as well as a completely new set of rules. The game will also include a platform called D&D Beyond. This will provide players with new digital tools for both physical and virtual play.

As we get closer to the launch of One D&D, more details are emerging. Some of these details will affect the gaming community of all stripes. However, some concerns are being raised regarding the Open Game License (OGL).

OGL 1.0 was an open license that allowed independent publishers to create content that was based on the D&D ruleset. This opened up the world of D&D to an unprecedented variety of creators. Now, though, Wizards of the Coast is changing the terms of their licensing agreement.

Open Game License 1.1 will change the way that WotC monetizes their product. While this is good news for smaller creators, it may limit what larger publishers can produce. In response, Wizards is also encouraging content creators to publish their own material, rather than just working under the OGL.

Another concern is how much control Wizards will have over their product. Instead of giving free rein to third party developers, WotC will pay royalties to big creators. They will also be allowed to put out suggested edits.

Finally, some people are concerned about the changes to the Open Game License. OGL 1.1 is not a full text of the rules, but it will restrict the amount of content that can be published based on the 5th Edition ruleset.

So, while the OGL 1.1 seems like a major shift in policy, it will not affect the vast majority of players. Regardless, the changes to the Open Gaming License will likely help quell some of the anxieties in the TTRPG community.

Maps for pre-made campaigns

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New race in the Ardling

The Ardling is a celestial-themed humanoid creature. It has a soft, downy-feathery coat. They have a supple, animal-like head and can manifest wings of magical energy.

Their origins are not entirely clear. They have ancestors that descend from the Upper Planes. As they grow older, their powers become more influenced by their place of origin. Depending on their ancestry, they can choose from one of three Celestial Legacies. These legacies have different sets of spells, and ardlings will get their first spell at 3rd level.

Ardlings can use their Angelic Flight ability to fly for a short amount of time. After a rest, their wings regenerate. This ability only lasts for a single round. In addition, ardlings can also fly as long as they have a proficiency bonus.

The Ardling is a new race for One D&D. It will appear as a core race in the revised Player’s Handbook.

They are similar to the tiefling in many ways. However, the ardling is more closely related to the Aasimar. While aasimar is a more ferocious looking race, ardlings are more gentle-looking.

Among the racial traits, ardlings have a soft, supple-skin coat. Some ardlings have a smooth, downy-feathery coat, while others have a more ragged texture.

They can perform healing spells. They can fly and are resistant to radiant damage. Like tieflings, they can manifest wings of magical energy.

Ardlings have an affinity for celestial magic, which allows them to perform a handful of spells. They are able to fly for a short period of time, and they can heal themselves if they want to.

Ardlings can be a good or bad character. You may want to make an evil ardling to give your party more variety.

Update on the Open Game License

This weekend, Wizards of the Coast released an updated version of its Open Game License, which is designed to prevent large companies from profiting off of the D&D brand. It’s not yet clear how this will affect the original OGL, but it could be more restrictive than the original.

The new OGL, dubbed OGL 1.1, is intended to keep bad actors from exploiting the D&D brand. However, there is a growing concern among gamers that the changes will have a chilling effect on new licensed products.

Several third-party publishers have taken a stand against the OGL. Paizo, Kobold Press, and MCDM, among others, have all rejected the license. Some even launched a campaign, called #OpenDND, to get the license rescinded.

Wizards of the Coast responded by saying that the leaked draft was not the final version. That statement was not well received by many members of the D&D community, who were angered by the changes.

The new license will also allow the company to claim royalties from larger businesses. This may make it more difficult for smaller companies to survive.

WotC says that it’s attempting to collect feedback from content creators about the license. They want to ensure it is right for the industry and the brand. In addition to that, they want to protect D&D from hateful products.

In the end, Wizards of the Coast backed off on some controversial parts of the leaked draft, but still plans to release an updated OGL. It’s unclear how this will affect players, though.

With the new licensing policy, it’s likely that a number of licensed publishers will have to completely redesign their products. There will also be a lot of work to do to update the distribution of their products.