The Role of a Battle Cleric in World of Warcraft

A Battle Cleric is a rogue that focuses on the two main attributes of a cleric: Wisdom and Strength. The latter attribute helps the cleric to cast spells and effectively hit enemies with Melee Weapons. These two traits are arguably more important than Wisdom and Strength, but a Battle Cleric should also be able to cast spells without the need for other abilities. Ultimately, the ability to cast spells will determine the success of the character, so it is best to concentrate on Wisdom and Strength.


Insight is one of the most important traits for a battle cleric, but it is not the only quality. Clerics can also have some cool bonus skills. For example, they can learn lockpicking, which is a handy skill. Hermit Clerics can learn a few useful skills like brewing potions and medicine, but they must use the same tactics. Hermit Clerics have a different background than a Courtier Cleric, which means you’ll get bonus languages and skills.

There are many spells you can learn to increase your Insight. The first spell you should learn is “Summon Madman”. You can find it in the insight shop. You can also pick up the knowledge items from the madman by going to Father Gascoigne’s boss arena. Once you’ve done this, you gain one insight. The second spell you need to learn is “Ritual Casting”. This spell requires you to prepare a prepared spell.

Divine Strike

A War Priest has several distinct advantages over a battle cleric. It has bonus action spells and is limited in the number of weapon attacks it can make each day. Another benefit is its ability to carry multiple weapons and switch damage types depending on the weapon you are using. The War Cleric also has the advantage of healing and reducing enemy DPS while using it. It is not recommended to build a Cleric around one weapon.

A battle cleric’s weapon attacks have additional damage, and this damage is based on its level. Divine Strike is one such weapon attack. Weapons that deal damage on their own will be boosted by one level for each level. Weapon attacks also deal extra damage when they are made on the turn they are cast. It is a good idea to stack your melee attacks and bonus action spells, as it increases your damage.

Flame Strike

As one of the most effective DPS spells for a battle cleric, Flame Strike is an essential tool. Evoking a column of divine fire, Flame Strike deals 1d6 damage per caster level up to fifteen. Half of this damage is fire damage and half is divine power. Resistance to fire-based attacks does not reduce this damage. This spell does not start fires on the target ship, but it does deal damage to a ship if it rolls a natural one on its saving throw.

The cleric’s default weapon is a quarterstaff, which can be used one-handed with a shield. Another option is a martial weapon, such as a greatsword, which gives more consistent damage than a greataxe. For out-of-combat use, guidance and light are great spells to cast. A high Intelligence level helps the cleric stay alive while he or she is out of combat.

War God’s Blessing

The War God’s Blessing for battle-cleric is a new ability for this class. It is similar to Guided Strike, but it grants a +10 bonus to attack rolls. It also grants the war cleric an extra attack, which can be useful for combat. This ability can be acquired with Channel Divinity or through a war cleric’s reaction.

This spell is geared toward melee combat, and has a large number of useful options. In particular, the war domain gives the battle cleric a few useful spells, which increase damage and attack rolls. In addition, he gets an additional attack with every short rest. This is a major plus, as the bonus stacks nicely with Divine Favor and Crusader’s Mantle.

Channel Divinity

If you’re planning to play as a battle cleric, you should be aware of the limitations of Channel Divinity. Although it provides moderate healing, it can be useful to group hit enemies or even pet creatures. This spell can also be used to beat your allies unconscious and heal them. However, you should keep in mind that you’ll be spending Channel Divinity on the abilities that actually benefit your team.

A paladin or battle cleric can also use this ability. This ability can make them effective melee combatants and add armor bonuses to their opponents. They can also benefit from fire resistance, which eventually becomes immunity. They can also use spells to buff their characters or enemies, and can control the battlefield. This ability is particularly useful for the Forge Domain, as it helps them gain a tactical advantage.


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